Thursday, May 01, 2008

Storm lapse

I took a number of shots last weekend as storm clouds rolled by my home (hoping to capture some lightning that never materialized). Scrolling through the shots on my digital camera, I was struck by the apparent motion of the clouds as the frames progressed.

I loaded the shots into a freeware time-lapse video creation application and created a short loop in Windows Movie Maker. I found a music clip in the Windows Media Player library, and by a happy accident, it matches the tempo of the scrolling photos.

The color of the clouds is from light pollution in the city in which I live. These photos were taken about 45 minutes after sunset.

Look for more (and better) time lapse stuff to come.


HeyJules said...

Very cool James!

Wanda said...

That was a cool little storm show!!

Play it again, Sam!! said...

Wow, that's nice.