Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Three twenty six

Three twenty six

A faux classic mishmash of architectural styles at a local shopping center. But it sure stood out from the sky.

Lesson: If you have to look bad, at least be bold about it.

Happy Limerick Day: Today is Limerick Day, in honor of the birth date of Edward Lear, the creator of the classic five-line poem.

So to help celebrate, I've come up with a limerick about photography:

A photographer wanted a picture
Of cement workers mixing their mixture.
He leaned close to the bin,
But then he fell in.
And now the poor chap is a fixture.

Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


Mr. Harmless said...

Not only are you a photographer... You are a poet!


Wanda said...

That is a darling limerick....

I had to chuckle out loud....HaHa

SePp said...

that is a beautiful shot. It really looks like your are at the same high at this clock tower. Great work