Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Schoolhouse, rocks

On a gray winter day in Door County, Wisconsin, I came across this restored one-room schoolhouse, now a private residence, across the road from large open fields. Door county fields are usually lined by walls of rocks. The farmers who originally broke ground in the rocky soil piled them at the edge of their fields as they cleared them, forming low walls that divide one field from another.

I guess we all have some rocks that have to be cleared before we can go on to achieve any meaningful accomplishments in life. In this new year, I’m making the effort to remove a few rocks. If you are, too, I wish you the best in 2006.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photo © 2005 James Jordan.


V. Schroeder said...

Wow, great shot, with great contrast and the subject matter is an interesting combination, the schoolhouse set against the dunes, thanks.

~m2~ said...

james, i wanted to let you know (and you don't have a visible email address so i must be bold in your comments!) that i have given you the dubious distinction of "artist o' the sidebar" which is a little something i do to highlight my friends and their works -- i have uploaded this very picture to my flickr account but have given you photo credit on there with a direct link to back here, as well as use this particular picture as my "representation" on my sidebar, unless there is another you would prefer.

again, all links direct folks back to here.

i love your work and would display it in my home if i had an original so this is the best i can do to promote my friend. i hope i have your permission to do so. if not, please email me at, and i will remove it immediately; in the event this is the case, i would ask you delete this comment so i will not further mortify myself :)

hoping all will be well with this idea, i remain,

sincerely yours,

Jack said...

Best compliment I can offer is that I wish I'd made that picture.

James said...

v, I appreciate the comment. It was a very cold and windy day last week when I shot this photo. Sometimes an artist has to suffer for his or her craft. Thanks!

m2, I am honored to reside on your sidebar for a while. I always try to stop by to see what you're serving on your blog.

jack, yours is generally the best compliment a photographer can receive. Thanks.

Jem said...

You still have lots of snow! :( Send some over this way >.<

James said...

Jem, I wish I could, but in the week since this photo was taken, temperatures climbed, rains moved through and the snow is gone here as well.

Visual-Voice said...

Really gorgeous image. Found you through m2!

see-through faith said...

love the picture and the thoughts too said...

Goodness, what a gorgeous shot. I think my assistant, Kris Price, contacted you earlier today about another picture you took (we want to feature it on the front cover of our magazine - readership is 100,000+). You'll have a photo credit and link to your blog or site as well.

I'm curious. This Schoolhouse, Rocks picture. I'd love to feature it on my blog. How much would you charge me to do so? Of course, it would remain 100% yours, and your credit line would be there, which can link straight to your site. My blog is the official blog of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Let me know your thoughts.