Sunday, June 05, 2005

Legend of the Moongate

Moongates are ornamental gateways and are very common in Bermuda. Originally from China, they are constructed from stone and usually found at garden entrances. Folklore holds that good fortune will fall on those who pass through a moongate. This particular moongate employs strategic placement. Just leaving home and coming back again gives you two shots of luck.

I don't personally believe in luck. But being in Bermuda where you could pass through a moongate would be fortuitous in and of itself.

Click on image to enlarge. Copyright 2005, James Jordan
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stefani said...

Gorgeous Photos

Aurura said...

whoah. It looks like the opening scene to a movie... One could create some very interesting short stories from this one image.

Thanks for sharing!


Daldianus said...

I guess we're lucky to have you posting these pics :)

Joy said...

Beautiful! And thanks for the backstory. I didn't know they represented good luck.