Monday, June 06, 2005

Distorted Reality?

This is a side street in Hamilton, Bermuda, late on a Sunday afternoon. Few businesses are open on Sunday in Bermuda, so empty streets are a common sight. The combination of buildings built on a steep incline and the distortion of the wide-angle lens creates a bit of a Dali-like warping of reality.

But it was real. I was there. Really.

So one has to wonder ... Is there one reality with one set of truths, or multiple realities with multiple sets of truth? I'm banking on one reality.

Click on photo to enlarge. Copyright 2005 James Jordan
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Anti-Itch Meditation has some comments about Mike Tyson's version of reality.


Indigo said...

that's a really cool picture!

Daldianus said...

Is there ONE reality? Everyone sees 'reality' with his/her own eyes, with his/her own beliefs, opinions, mind sets etc ...

There sure are objective realities, like gravity, the sun going up and down etc. But most of what we call 'our reality' is rather our interpretation of existing (neutral) things.

That said, the picture is great!

Manjusha said...

The picture definitely has a Dali twist to it. Lovely!

D Sheedy said...

I agree, the photo is absolutely wonderful!