Friday, November 05, 2010



There are a lot of empty houses around, and if what I hear on the news is true, there will be a great many more in the months ahead. I recently was hired by a real estate company in Chicago to photographically document a number of properties they represent.

Bathroom door

I was told to be very trigger happy when it came to capturing the condition of the properties. An old two-story structure with a full basement garnered about 250 frames to record the effects of age, use and abuse.

What started as a "just the facts" approach changed about midway through this particular home. As I framed up shot after shot of wear and decay, I began to see stories in the details of the old house.

Basement sink

Perhaps I've found a muse to keep me occupied over the winter months ahead.

And there's no lack of subject matter.


janella13 said...

I love old homes and wish the walls could talk. No matter the shape of the home, I envision a once happy family living there.

Great shots, Jim.

Anonymous said...

We used to have this type of sink in the house where I grew up. The water out of one spigot is too cold and the other is too hot. When I first saw the kind where both hot and cold come out of same spigot and you could adjust the handles, I thought - WOW!

Thanks for the reminiscence tonight.
Sue U

Wanda said...

I was in Property Management for 20 years, and this looks like some of the rentals after tenants move out!!!

So glad I'm retired!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving James!