Thursday, April 08, 2010

Going with the floe

Going with the floe

While waiting for the sun to set recently in Door County, Wisconsin, I had lots of time to sit and watch the remains of winter's snow and ice slowly fade away. Some of it, like the ice floes above, crept slowly out of the harbor near Sister Bay on their way to the open expanse of Green Bay to eventually become one with the waters there.

The remnants of formerly sizeable ice chunks glimmered in the late afternoon sunlight.


Others played with the sun, returning a thousand points of light.

Winter melt

Here in the Midwest US of A, spring is a battle of the skies. Advancing warm air masses from the south seek supremacy over the cold air of the north -- a civil war that goes back and forth for several weeks until the northern air mass retreats. We've had a taste of spring, but for the next couple of days, the North will again hold this region. But the South will rise again and make a new assault on the occupation forces and will ultimately prevail.

But in the meantime, dang, it's cold.

Photographs © 2010 James Jordan.


Maria said...

The photos are beautiful and so sparkling~

Hoping warms spring breezes "floe" your way soon! ~Maria

Tulsa Gentleman said...

The light is amazing in these. I might of suspected photoshop until the detail. You were in the right place at the right time, not by accident I reckon. Well written too.

James said...

Thanks! Lots of good things happen when you're out shooting with the sun low in the sky.

Harry Snowden said...

Love the shadow detail in the background, it makes the foreground so much more intense!