Monday, March 01, 2010

A moment of daylight

To sleep

Saturday was gray. Low clouds blocked any hint of the existence of the blue sky beyond them all day long. But toward sunset, a small opening, a slit in the clouds, opened on the western horizon. The descending sun burst through that opening and shone for all of five minutes, then disappeared.

A half hour earlier, I had been wandering around the Isaac Ellwood mansion, home to one of the barbed wire barons of the late 1800s, taking in the Victorian architecture and snapping the occasional photo. Under the gray sky, it seemed more of an exercise than a meaningful gathering of photographs.

Heading back to meet my wife, the sun made its brief appearance, bathing the city in soft, warm light. I had just passed St. Mary's Cemetery on the city's north side. I turned around, headed back to the cemetery and pull up just as the sun disappeared. I hopped out of the car, framed some grave markers against the fading sky and fired off a few shots. And that was it. Color gone, gray sky fading to black. Sleeping grave markers all around, worn from a century or more of memorializing the lives of people long forgotten.

Life is as brief and fleeting as those few moments of brilliant sunlight. I just hope that my time will be seen as having brightened up the skies of those around me, if only for a little while.

Photograph © 2010 James Jordan.


Maria said...

We saw about an hour of sunshine yesterday (Sunday) and I saw the sun trying REALLY HARD to shine through think clouds this morning (took a pic with my cellphone)
I want to say: Our planet has a sun!

Yes, and you do brighten up things around here with your beautiful photography... it offers a few moment of escape or wonder~

Wanda said...

How Beautiful ~~~ It would look nice on my Sunday Meditation Post.

Mr. Harmless said...

Beautiful Picture