Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The things that remain

The things that remain

This is the remnant of a pier located at the Wind Point lighthouse north of Racine, Wisconsin. I had gone there hoping to catch the moonrise, but the area was socked in with clouds. So I shot what was there.

Yeah, the processing is severe on this shot, but it was done on purpose to ramp up the surreal feeling I wanted to get across.

We all have things that were once a vital part of our lives that have fallen by the wayside. Although the waves of time continue to wear away at them, they continue to sit below the surface, still influencing, still guiding. And sometimes still tormenting.

I think this shot would make a great cover for a great book on this topic.

Five-image HDR from a single RAW file, exposed to retain highlights. Straight and graduated neutral density filters used to even out tones of water and sky and allow for a long exposure to smooth out the water. Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.

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Wanda said...

Hi James.... Winding down the last week of my radiation treatments so haven't been visiting much.

I scrolled down and love all your fabulous pictures.... Just may have to borrow a few of those great skies for Sky Watch Friday.

BTW ~~ the other day I was driving down a road near our home and someone had stacked rocks in different stacks... It reminded me of you, but this person was a real novice... he was stacking... You balance!!

I was going to take a picture but was driving and didn't have time to stop.