Friday, October 02, 2009

Primary colors

Primary colors

A sign in the clouds. Rochelle, Illinois.

Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


Anonymous said...

so clean and neat. diggin it!

faisal from

Laurie said...

Outstanding shot of this contemporary icon.

Poetikat said...

But what is the message, I wonder?

SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

The message that comes to mind is: Keep your eyes on your fries!! (quote from the 80's! - I think!)

Great shot!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm - doesn't it look like the clouds spell out "visit"? Then it would be "visit McDonalds". I loved to play this kind of game watching clouds when I was a kid!
Thanks Jim!

Sue U

Francis Bell said...

WOW-Very cool site, I really enjoyed the pictures!!! Thanks for brightening my day-Francis