Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Creation, Day 3

Sunrise, Cave Point

What the dawn of time may have looked like. Taken at one of my favorite places on earth -- Cave Point, Door County Wisconsin.

Taken with a circular polarizer, 2-stop neutral density filter and graduated ND filter. Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


mindy said...

what a beauitful shot, i love the colours in this! is this a HDR at all?

James said...

Hi Mindy -- no HDR on this shot ... the ND filters kept the tones in sky in check with the foreground. Just a little dodging in the rocks in the upper left.

Interesting that with the sun so low, the waves out on the lake were casting shadows on the foreground rocks -- the bits of sunlight on the rocks in the foreground flickered. A long exposure caught what could have been easily missed with a faster shutter speed.

Erik said...

Fabulous shot. Thanks for sharing the technical aspects. Nicely executed.

It's what I imagine the moonscape to look like if it had surface water.

Jessica said...

SO beautiful... rugged and yet peaceful..lovely job on composition and on exposure