Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An old friend

Wind Point Lighthouse

When I first picked up a camera to begin the task of seriously improving my photography back in 1997, one of my first subjects was the lighthouse at Wind Point, just north of Racine, Wisconsin. I've lost count of the number of times I've returned. I can't recall ever having been disappointed with any of my sessions there.

On a recent visit, my wife and I arrived at sunset as a half dozen windsurfers were packing up and heading home. Brisk winds kicked up some rather large waves on Lake Michigan that day. As the sun descended past a bank of clouds, I was hoping that the sky would burst into a sea of flaming red, but what you see above is as far as things developed. Oh, well. A stack of neutral density filters helped me get a nice long exposure of 20 seconds or so to catch the movement of the clouds behind the lighthouse.

Since I first laid eyes on them 12 years ago, the lighthouse and grounds have undergone several makeovers, most of them to my liking.

Then again, so have I.

UPDATE: This photo was selected as Photo of the Day at the Karma group on Flickr and posted to the Karma POTD blog. Thanks!

Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


Poetikat said...

Stunning photograph!


Martina said...

Exposure and perspective are really great, makes an impressive colouring. No wonder the photo was chosen :-)

Wanda said...

Hi James ~~ Life got in my way with the start of my radiation treatments, and I haven't been visiting your blog as often.

But now I can see how much I have missed. I plan to use your Wind Piont Lighhouse for my Sky Watch Friday Aug. 28, and will link you so my friends at Brushstokes can come and enjoy all your wonderful photography.

Love the lion below... I did a watercolor of a lion and cub... beautiful portrait you got.

Take care.... I'll try to get back more often.


James said...

Thanks, Poetikat and martina!

Wanda, speaking of old friends ... I've missed your comments. I get notifications on my cell phone when someone comments on this blog. I always like seeing your name pop up.

Hope all is going well with your treatments. Praying for you.