Monday, June 01, 2009

Make a wish

Helping nature along (alternate crop)

This shot was tacked onto the end of a photo session. I had just finished some family backlit/shade poses when inspiration hit as I spied some dandelions close by. Not just little run-of-the-mill dandelion seed heads, but big huge puffy ones, ripe and ready to fly.

I don't normally advocate shooting in open sunlight at midday (or even propagating the spread of pesky weeds) but this was too good to pass up. I knew that the only way to capture the flying tufts would be in bright sunlight against a shaded background. A willing volunteer provided the wind power. Post processing with shadow lightening helped cut the contrast to an acceptable level.

This is definitely something I have to include for every family portrait shoot from now on. Or maybe soap bubbles. Yeah, bubbles. Note to self: Buy small bottles of bubbles to keep in camera bag.

If you try this at home, use a long lens/zoom in. Set your aperture wide open to throw the background out of focus, which will also increase the shutter speed to help freeze the action, although I like the slight motion blur of the seeds in this shot. Then make a wish.

It just might come true.


n8 said...

may want to store bubbles inside plastic bag, while inside the camera bag, to keep the bubbleness away from the nice (expensive) equipment. :-)

Laurie said...

"Do not try this at home or you risk peril to your lawn and wrath from neighbors."

I LOVE this!