Friday, May 29, 2009


Boomer on white 2

Meet Boomer. A cat that my daughter and future son-in-law own. Boomer is rooming at my house for a while (along with my daughter) in advance of the wedding in July.

Daughter and I were shooting some wedding band/flower photos on a tabletop with a white sweep for use on her wedding programs. After we finished those shots, we coaxed the cat up onto the table for a few snaps. This animal will do just about anything for a kitty treat. Above is Boomer thinking "OK, I'm here. Where's my treat?"

Smaller photo shows cat devouring said treat. Nom, nom, nom.

Photographs © 2007 James Jordan.


Laurie said...

Love it! What a pretty kitty. Cute.

James said...

Thanks, Laurie. I figured modeling was the least the cat could do since it's staying in the room that I use as a studio.

Wanda said...

Beautiful cat.... reminds me of one my son had years ago.

Sandy said...

ahhh cute cat!

Soccer said...

Ah cats, youv'e got to love them!!!