Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter wave

A snow drift with the shadows of tree branches forms an abstract pattern of whites and darks. That's what I saw. Jacques Daigneault, a viewer of this photo on Flickr, saw an icy wave. So, at his suggestion, I retitled this photo "Winter Wave" from the original "Winter Abstract."

Post processing: Layered, blended with Soft Light, levels adjusted and Violet filter applied. A big old baddy Unsharp Mask at 400% and 1.0 radius brings out the bling and makes it sing.

Click on picture to see it embiggened. Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


Laurie said...

So stunning. Simple, elegant, lovely!

HeyJules said...

400% sharpening? Holy cow! I didn't even think that was possible!

This is gorgeous, the violet filter to the snow.

It also looks like stiffly whipped egg whites. :-)