Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A face in the crowd

I am that face in the crowd. Today I am joining a growing demographic group - the unemployed. The Company needed to relieve the pressure that months of declining sales presented. A number of us were told yesterday that our positions were eliminated. My departure was my final act of service to The Company after 17 years.

Options are being weighed. Contacts have been initiated. We'll see where this road leads. Until I find out, though, I'll identify myself with a crowd of people in this struggling economic picture. Call us the Class of 2008.

By the way, anybody looking for a media-savvy writer/producer/creative communicator with a background in publishing and marketing? Just thought I'd ask.

Photo: Crown Fountain, Millennium Park, Chicago. Two-stop graduated neutral density filter. Photograph © 2008 James Jordan.


Anonymous said...

I just found out you were on the list when I read your post. Ouch. I hope you find a place where you can use your huge creative talents for the Lord.

I'm sorry it happened this way.


Dona said...

That is just not right. I'm sorry.

kelli said...

Sorry to hear this, Jim.

James said...

Thanks, guys. I just learned that a lot of long-timers of The Company are in the same boat. If this action serves to refocus The Company on its crumbling core business it will have been a good thing. It's a great organization that's done some great things. It just got distracted over the last several years.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jim - I feel ministry team "teamless."

I am so sorry.

You have so many talents, I know you'll find a great place to use them - and I will pray to that end.


Anonymous said...

I am also saddened that you are leaving. It's been wonderful to work with you. You are an extremely gifted person, and I just know God has bigger plans for you than you can imagine. I can't wait to see what organization or group of people gets blessed by you. Blessings to you, Jim.


I need orange said...

My sympathy. As someone who has been laid off in the past, I know some of the misplaced/unwanted/scary feelings that can result.

Wishing for you a new position that suits even better than the last.

Peter Carey said...

Jim, that bites. I voluntarily left my work of the past 9 years behind this year and can say that many, many good things can come from such a shake up (mine, self inflicted, yours, by others).

After a bit of grieving what's behind, take a look around and if you have a positive attitude (and it sure seems like you do), you'll be amazed at the new opportunities coming your way.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Jim, I started my blog after being retrenched from a company I had served for 20 years (it had been taken over), it helped me focus on the beauty of God's creation and rekindle my love of poetry while I got over the grief and let new things unfold. It has been both a scary and exhiliarating experience. Even though two years later I still don't have the kind of job I left it has been good. I hope you can enjoy your time of change too.