Thursday, May 15, 2008

From my back door

Continuing with the theme of the view from my backyard is this time lapse video taken from the back door of my garage. I discovered that using the continuous shooting mode of my digital camera can record a time lapse series of photos. Using a freeware application to compile several hundred photos into a video results in the clip posted here. This was taken as a storm front moved through a couple of weekends ago.

So turn up the sound and watch the storm clouds roll. Those of you who subscribe via RSS feed will probably need to come to the blog to see the video.


Hillary said...

That's fantastic! What freeware application did you use? I've been looking for something to do that with!

James said...

Hillary, the program is called Photo Lapse. It's small and doesn't require installation. Just download and go.

Just point it to a folder full of photos and select from a number of options. You'll find it here:

James said...

Forgot to mention ... the clip was finished off in Windows Movie Maker.

Hillary said...

Awesome! Thank you! :)