Sunday, November 25, 2007

Moon, rocks and water

Blame it on the moon. The full moon has been linked to crime, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents, birthrates, and fertility among other things. Numerous studies have tried to find lunar effects to all of the above and more. The results thus far? The full moon seems to have little or nothing to do with changes in human behavior or physiology. Lemurs and corals, maybe, but people, no.

Every time I see that a full moon is on the way, I think about standing out in the open when it arrives, camera at the ready on a tripod. This time, I followed through, and stood on a beach north of Racine, Wisconsin as 20-mph winds whipped the frigid November air about as I waited for the lunar disc to make its appearance on the Lake Michigan horizon. About 20 minutes after its scheduled arrival, the moon appeared through a thick haze on the horizon, which tinted it a bright red.

One thing that I could have sworn happened as the moon appeared is that the waters of Lake Michigan rose several inches. Some tidal effects have been documented on the Great Lakes, but they are slight. The foreground rocks in the photo above were completely dry as I set up my tripod. By the time the moon arrived, you can see that the waves covered all but the very tops of the rocks. It had to be a tidal effect.

Either that or the moon made me momentarily crazy.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.

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Wanda said...

Not many people use the word "Twilight" and I think it is the most romantic, magical word, just like your picture! When I was young looking for a boyfriend, my mom would say, Oh well, full moon and empty arms...!! :)