Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Message in the clouds

“God writes the Gospel not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.”

- Martin Luther

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph copyright 2007 James Jordan.


Wanda said...

Is that not so true....Man is without excuse ....just look up, and see His handiwork.
Those colors are stunning James!
Absolutely stunning!!!

JAM said...

This truly conveys the beauty of the world. Another amazing piece of work, both you and God.

That's what I like most about your work. I can take a photo of something beautiful, and me and my wife may agree, it was a beautiful place, and it's captured accurately in the photo, but what you do, however you do it, is to inject a light quality, or capture a quality of light that goes beyond recording the scene. Your photos invoke the wonder of seeing something amazingly beautiful and the feeling one gets while witnessing it first hand, yet I've only seen the photo.

Very few people can do that, but you sure have "it."