Friday, March 02, 2007

Really? Everything?

That's a pretty big boast on the sign at the entrance of the Freeman Kame Preserve where I took some pictures last weekend, but I have to take the state of Illinois at its word.

So I made sure the background of this picture included the protected path lined with protected trees and protected dead grass. I also made sure not to disturb the protected footprints and protected dog droppings on the path as I explored the protected woods and protected railroad tracks nearby.

As I framed up this picture of this well protected place, you'll notice that some protected snow began to fall. I never felt so secure in my life.

Thanks, Illinois.

Click on picture to enlarge. Don't worry it's protected. Photograph © 2007 James Jordan.

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Hillary said...

That IS a pretty big claim. I mean, it's true in one sense, everything is protected, but not so much by the state of Illinois. :)

Oh, I would so love to go for a walk down that path today. It looks so peaceful.

Endlessmix said...

Man, I wish Canada protected everything by law.

EssPea | Photography said...

Thanks for pointing out the photoblogs hall of fame! I don't think I would have noticed!


Sheila said...

Too bad the law wasn't around to ticket the dog owners for pooping.