Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Countdown to 50,000

I'm quickly approaching my 50,000th visitor to Points of Light. I thank everyone who has visited and to those who have left a comment on these pages. To say "thanks" to visitor number 50K, I am offering a 10" x 20" photographic print of the first of a series of moonlit photos I've taken in Door County, Wisconsin. The "Door After Dark" series is an ongoing project of mine that I estimate will continue for the next two years or so. You get one of the first prints in the collection with my compliments.

So, take a look at the little hit counter near the bottom of the right-hand sidebar. If it says 50,000 ... congratulations! Leave a comment in this post along with an email address and the name of your Internet provider (so I can check it against the records in my site tracker - just keepin' everybody honest, here). If visitor 50K fails to identify him- or herself, the prize goes to the next in line.

Good luck! (And click the picture to get a better look at the prize.)


Pops said...


I saw the 50,000!

Well...OK, I admit I didn't really. In fact, I can't find a hit counter anywhere on this page. And I looked and looked...and refreshed and looked...and...

I could be something with my system. I do get the message at the bottom of my browser window - "Done, but with errors on page."



James said...

Pops, it might have something to do with the javascript in the "Fabulous Photoblogs" blogroll. IE sometimes gets stuck at that point, and everything below it (my site chicklets and counter) don't show up, although they do pop in for me eventually. I've not had an issue with Firefox, that I know of. The site meter also uses javascript.

At this point, there are a few hundred visitors to go.

Otto K. said...

Congrats, James, on the approaching 50,000. I haven't looked at that stat for my site in so long. I guess I should go check. I'm bad about things like that. :-)

Beautiful shot today. Great lighting and composition.

Anonymous said...

Quite simply, a stunning image. I'll be back in a bit to hopefully be no.50k!

Anonymous said...

Forgot early this atfernoon but remembered to take a peep at 4.30 - and 50,000! Is it me? Hope so...

Dave said...

Well 50,000 has come and gone. I had 49,950 and 50,083. Bummer I missed it because this is truly an awesome image!!!