Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is big

The newest issue of JPG magazine is on the newsstands. JPG is a photo magazine with a twist – the content comes from amateurs who enjoy photography for what it is, not necessarily for what they can earn from it. I’m privileged to have one of my photos in this issue – the above panorama of a monsterous thunderstorm in Indiana.

Photographers can visit the JPG web site and enter photos in various categories and vote yay or nay on whether they think pictures make the cut. All I can guess is enough people thought this photo represented the theme of “Big” well enough to give it a thumbs up. For that I’m thankful.

If you like perusing intriguing photography, pick up an issue at your local Barnes & Noble, or browse the JPG web site. Oh, and I’ve entered a photo for the next issue. I’d appreciate your vote.

OttoK, who has some fine photos at Lenscape, is also on the ballot at JPG. He’s currently posting a series of photos taken recently on a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, one of my favorite places on earth. Check them out.

Storm at sunset, Brownsburg, Indiana. 1/125 second at f5.6, ISO 400 film. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.

This is big, too: The North American Photobloggers are getting together in my backyard this spring. Okay, maybe 30 miles from my backyard, but close enough. The meet-up event will take place in Chicago from April 27-29. If you're
a photoblogger in the U.S., Canada or Mexico, you can register here. I can't vouch for the weather (we've had snow here as late as May) but I'm sure a good time will still be had by all.


Sheila said...

Thanks, James. This is an awesome site and I signed up. And voted for your photo.

Otto K. said...

It's an impressive photo, James. Great panoramic shot. Thanks for the plug. I hope you'll enjoy the Smokies shots to come. I hope to meet you at the upcoming photobloggers meet-up in Chicago next year we are setting up. :-)

~m2~ said...

james, not only did i go to vote for you, but i signed up before work this morning and fled through about 50 pics and voted there, too :)

how cool - thank you for sharing that with us...

James said...

The JPG site can really make you stay a lot longer than you had planned to. Thanks for the kind comments, and the votes!