Sunday, October 01, 2006

Storm over Lake Michigan

A series of storms hammered Wisconsin and Illinois yesterday, striking one after another, then drifting out over Lake Michigan. My wife and I arrived at Wind Point, north of Racine, Wisconsin, as the latest storm moved out over the water on its way to Michigan.

We arrived with the intent of getting some sunset shots of the lighthouse at Wind Point. I had taken a number of images of the moody sky over the lake throughout the day as we traveled up the lakeshore from our home in suburban Chicago.

I remember thinking that I was glad that I could safely watch this storm from a distance as I captured a number of shots of the roiling clouds, thick walls of rain, and for a brief time, a segment of a rainbow as the moisture retreated from the afternoon sun.

After a while, we turned our attention to the lighthouse behind us to begin to plan how we would set up for the sunset shot. We soon saw that there was at least one more storm in the day's arsenal.

That photo will be posted tomorrow.

This panorama is best viewed at the large size. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


DaveKennedy said...

Very nice photo there!


V. Schroeder said...

Wow, that's great--glad you were able to observe and not necessarily experience all the elements.