Tuesday, October 03, 2006


While my wife and I took in the view of a line of storms over Lake Michigan (yesterday's post) at Wind Point, this is what was brewing behind us. The day's weather had one more punch left and we were about to receive it.

I quickly set up the shot with my camera on a tripod. While I calculated the exposure, my wife grabbed the camera bag and headed for the car. I shot four frames. Immediately the wind picked up and great big drops of rain began to fall from the sky, accompanied by the low growl of thunder.

I grabbed the tripod and began a sprint to the car. It was only a couple of days later that I realized that the metal tripod would have made a dandy lightning rod.

We waited out the storm in the car. When it was over, I ventured out again to catch the Wind Point light and the calm post-storm sky.

That photo tomorrow.

Click on picture to enlarge - you can almost hear nature's snarl. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


otilius said...

nice light!

jeff said...

I lived close to Wind Point as a kid and always enjoy seeing your photos of it. Quite a dramatic shot you caught there. Also wanted to say nice work for all the pictures that you did for my brother-in-law Steve's new CD. Your talent was well displayed.

BlueFox said...

Sorry but what is that white thing between the clouds next to the lightnhouse and the rock supposed to be? Is that supposed to be lightning or what?

Milton said...

Very nice photos on your site. Isn't it nice to catch such a moment? I'd like to save a couple just to use as a guide for painting. Is that Ok? Milton

DaveM said...

A good dramatic shot

James said...

otilius, thanks. I enjoy peeking in on your New York blog from time to time.

Jeff, thanks. Wind Point is a favorite spot of mine. So many photo possibilities there. Yeah, Steve did come out looking pretty good on the CD, didn't he?

bluefox, the white thing was a flag pole on the lighthouse grounds.

milton, go for it. Let me see how they turn out!

davem, thanks, also!

James said...
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James said...

Update: I removed the flag pole and re-posted the photo. It was a bit distracting, wasn't it?

Don’t remember it? Good. But if you’re curious, you can see it here.