Thursday, May 04, 2006

Same old line

Bus stop, 7:48 a.m. I don't know if every school bus stop in Elgin employs the same ettiquette as this one. As I watched the kids arrive, I noticed they formed a neat line from the curb. They did so on their own without being told, and they just stood there, some kids for more than 15 minutes.

I asked one of them how they determined who stood where and was told they lined up in the order in which they arrived at the stop. And there they stood until the bus arrived and the line moved smoothly and quietly through the open doors of the vehicle.

They may act like a bunch of wild crazies once they arrive at their school, but at least one bus driver in Elgin runs a pretty tight ship.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


glenn said...

James, are you that mysterious shadow at the bottom right of the picture?

James said...

glenn, I am indeed.

V. Schroeder said...

Great idea shooting from the waist down and getting the feet, it makes for a really interesting shot.