Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection morning

I was standing on the flood plain of the Duck River in central Tennessee when I took this photo one morning a few weeks ago. To the left is the earth and stone wall of the Normandy Dam. Beyond that, enough water to sweep me and everything in this flatland away to our doom. But the dam is secure. I was safe.

Today, Christendom celebrates the work of one Man who, in death, built the dam to hold back the flood waters of God’s judgement on a world of people who had fallen into sin. And who, by his resurrection, proves that the work is secure.

I stand in the plain, trusting in that work as well. He is risen.

Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Himself said...

Amen my brother Amen!

Otto K said...

Terrific scene, James. Absolutely beautiful.

Empress Baggie said...


PhilB said...

Lovely scene and agree with all your sentiments. Hope you and the family had a great Easter.

Hillary said...

He is risen indeed