Thursday, March 02, 2006

Four gone conclusions

I’ve been tagged by Glenn at Glorious. The theme is fours:

Four jobs I’ve had: House painter, Door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, camera store clerk, graphic designer.

Four movies I can watch over and over: Groundhog Day, Dumbo, O Brother Where Art Thou? And anything Star Wars.

Four TV shows I love to watch: Not much of a TV watcher, but do like Storm Stories, Iron Chef, Myth Busters and the Super Bowl (occasionally paying attention to the game).

Four places I’ve been on vacation: At work, Bermuda, Florida and Tennessee.

Four favorite dishes: Pad Thai, Irish Stew, Curry Chicken (or beef or pork) and White Castle hamburgers.

Four web sites I visit daily: Well, almost daily … Technorati, Seth’s Blog, Flickr and Toothpaste For Dinner.

Four places I’d rather be: Ireland, The Great Smoky Mountains, Door County Wisconsin, somewhere taking photos.

Four blogs I’d like to see do this: Let’s see … I pick Roger, Hillary, Phil and Eph.


Empress Baggie said...

James - Did you see the Storm Stories about the tornados that hit Blountstown, Fla., in 2004 during Hurricane Ivan? My husband was one of the reenactors on that particular show (no credit, of course).

We love The Weather Channel, and I pretty much stay glued to it during hurricane season.

James said...

Empress, that one is not coming to mind, I'm afraid. My wife and I were in the Outer Banks of North Carolina last September and we watched with interst as Hurricane Ophelia crawled northward from Florida. The day after we left, they ordered the evacuation.