Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Black and white in black and white

More experimentation with converting some of my previous photos to black and white. Choosing a photo of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse seemed to make sense, since the light tower is black and white to begin with.

The tower was moved inland about a half-mile a few years ago and I wanted to capture the “inland-ness” of its new location. Where once the light stood on the open beach, it is now bordered on three sides by brush and trees. I squeezed into an opening in the brush to create a frame of foxtails, branches and leaves, making what I think is a unique view of the lighthouse.

My philosophy has always been that if you’re willing to do what 90% of the rest of the world is unwilling to do, your work will emerge in the top 10%.

Cape Hatteras Light, Outer Banks, North Carolina. Conversion to black and white from a color negative, levels adjustments and vignetting with Gaussian blur applied in Photo Shop. Conversion back to color and blue tones applied. Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Snoo said...

This is fantastic! I love the framing so much. Awesome.

engloy said...

Wonderful framing, James. The black and white effect works well too! This definitely belongs to one of those top 10% shots :)

PhilB said...

Another great shot James. The blue tint works very well, and as already mentioned, excellent framing.

Empress Baggie said...

Magnificent, as always!

James said...
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James said...

snoo, thanks very much!

engloy, glad to see you back to posting again. Hope the exams go well.

philb, thanks, also!

empress, I loved the Hager twins photo. Would have been great if you could have faked the magic glasses onto them! Thanks, as always!

Empress Baggie said...

James, those "magic glasses" have been all over Florida and on countless numbers of people ... they're on my desk at work right now and I put them on whenever I want to get a laugh out of my coworker (it always works, for some reason), and when someone else puts them on, I always laugh. That's why they're called "The Magic Glasses," I suppose. Go figure!