Sunday, February 26, 2006

Artists' Point

Jutting out into Lake Superior from Grand Marais, Minnesota is a small, T-shaped peninsula of rock and forest called Artists’ Point. A couple of years ago, I spent a number of vacation mornings walking over the flow of igneous rocks, giving the blue and orange lichen credit for stubbornly eking out their existence on the crystalline magma, sculpted by centuries of wind and waves.

The soft lapping of waves on the stones and the occasional cry of a loon in the distance create Artists’ Point’s pre-dawn soundtrack. A perfect place to commune with creation and the Creator.

In the next few hours, I’ll be a long way from Artists’ Point, rushing into a day with a long list of things to get accomplished, people to see and schedules to make, followed by several straight days of more of the same. I’ll plan to revisit the place as often as I can this week.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2006 James Jordan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great shot. We just returned from the Columbia River Gorge, back to busy schedules and the city. It's great to take breaks through photos and go to such a beautiful spot as you have posted here. V. Schroeder

James said...

V., that's part of the magic of photography ... the ability to capture a time and place and come back to it again and again.