Sunday, January 01, 2006

Egg Harbor

Happy New Year. I hope that the year 2006 will be one of blessings for you.

I just returned from a few days in Door County, Wisonsin, near the small burg of Egg Harbor, specifically. It's a nice, quiet town in a nice quiet county with lots of picture potential. Photo conditions were less than ideal, but I did manage to get some outdoor shots that I feel pretty good about. Those will be posted throughout the coming week.

Today I just wanted to introduce you to the town. The small image is a Google Earth map of the Door County peninsula, just to give you an idea of place. A hat tip goes out to Fred at Fragments from Floyd and Jon at Swim Pig who occasionally supply a locator map showing where their images were made.

Just a note to Penni, who hails from another Egg Harbor - I'm guessing there's quite a contrast between the two locations.

Click on images to enlarge. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan.


gasoon said...

Hi hi... just drop by to say Happy New Year!!!

Caryn said...

Happy New Year!

I like that top photo. The mist around the edges gives it an old look.

Beth said...

Just dropped in through Blog Explosion.

I love your photos! They are beautiful.

Happy New Year!

Jem said...

Happy new Year James! :)

PhilB said...

Happy New Year James! Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

Carol said...

Hope you have a great 2006 - and I love that top photo, too!

engloy said...

Hi James,

Happy New Year to you too!

It's wonderful what you can make out of even from a simple road sign :)

Here's to more good photography from you in 2006!


~m2~ said...

you are so right james -- verry different from the egg harbor i know!

once my camera is fixed, i will actually drive into town there and you will be able to see what the differences are :)