Sunday, January 22, 2006

Barns, snow and fog

The weather northwest of Chicago has been remarkable the last couple of days. On Saturday, the Elgin area received about a foot of snow, and this was while the majority of the Chicago area received only a couple of inches or so. Then Sunday morning dawned with a layer of thick fog, which formed a layer of frost on the trees and bushes, Door County-style.

My wife and I drove through the farmlands just to the west of Elgin this morning, enjoying the sights of snow, fog and farms. I hopped out of the car every hundred yards or so to capture another photo of the winter wonderland.

This week was going to be a week of water photos, as was posted yesterday. I may intersperse some snow photos (which is just another form of water anyway).

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan.


ROB said...

That looks incredibly cold. This shot really captures the temperature like many cannot.

James said...

rob, seeing that it's summer where you are, I can imagine how cold you must think it was! It all depends on your tolerance ... the air temperature was in the mid-20s Fahrenheit ... which I think translates to roughly 0 to -5 Celsius. Not too bad for January in the northern U.S.

Jem said...

Beautiful James! Lovely softness :)

James said...

Thanks! I hadn't seen fog like this since my time spent in the mountains last summer. It's a lovely effect.