Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter is here

Winter has arrived in the midwestern U.S. Temperatures this evening are in the single digits with a forecast high tomorrow in the teens. I'll be posting some winter shots for a few days until I get sick of the cold weather and maybe I'll pull out some Bermuda pictures ... we'll see.

This view of the lighthouse in Manitowoc, Wisconsin was made on a cold December day across the icy harbor as the setting sun cast its final rays of light on the lighthouse. The light on the tower is actually a reflection of the sun on the glass, not the tower light itself.

Click on picture to enlarge. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan.

Note: And no, Blogger has not so much acknowledged that anything was even amiss last evening. Funny how millions of blogs can go down for four hours without a peep from those guys. Any suggestions as to a good hosting service for a photoblog?


Cedar said...
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James said...


This is just a calling card to say I've read your blog (or at least a little) via BlogExlposion. I hate the fact that you can win credits to view peoples sites, and people just click right through it.

Great photos. And hope you read Blogger's reasons for not informing users about the downtime.

Thanks for the read,


Michael said...

Love your photos as well.

I am a blogger user and realize that we get what we pay for with the service.

Take Care

engloy said...

Great pictures as usual, James :) Look out for Wordpress.com. I am using their free blogging software on my own webhost and it works great having migrated over from Blogger.com :)

ROB said...

Just came here from a shutterjunkie link. Glad I made my way back again. Points of light is a massive understatement! This is such an inspiring shot.

Jem said...

Stunning shot - and stunning colours James!