Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wind, Sand and Stars

This photo was taken as the stars faded from the sky on a late summer morning on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Onshore winds tossed the tall sea oats about on the sand dunes. The footprints suggest a journey, and so does the music you can hear via the link below.

I’ve had the privilege of working on several recording projects with Steve Wick from Aurora, Illinois. Steve is a musician, composer and audio technician extraordinaire. Several years back, Steve created an instrumental CD, Incidents of Travel. Steve does for your ears what I try to do for your eyes – he takes you places. Give a listen to Wind, Sand and Stars from the Incidents CD. If you’d like to know more about Steve’s work or would like to buy a CD, send Steve an e-mail: steve[at]resonanceaudio[dot]net.

Listen to Wind, Sand and Stars by Steve Wick.


David said...

Nice music, very nice. I'll email steve and buy a cd. Thanks, David

Jem said...

Lovely shot James - it wouldn't be the same at all without the footprints :)

ladydaria said...

Just surfing and wishing every one a Merry Christmas!

James said...

thanks for the greeting. And a Merry christmas to you.

Thanks. While sitting watching the sun rise, I happened to glance at where my wife and I had walked over the dune to get onto the beach ... the picture made itself.