Monday, October 03, 2005

Bounty for sale

I was reminded by a comment to my September 30 post that, more than just a metaphor for the approaching end of life, autumn is a time to enjoy the bounty of the harvest of one's labor. That point of view helps bring balance to how I look at autumn.

Farm markets abound in the midwestern U.S. Some are as simple as a wagon by the side of the road filled with various vegetables for sale. Some communities offer a farmer's market where many growers can display their wares in one location on certain days of the week.

The pumpkins above are from a roadside market in Door County, Wisconsin. At first I was irritated by the price tags, which I thought interfered with the picture I wanted to make. But in the end, the tags speak of the value of the harvest for the grower as well as the buyer.

Click on photo to enlarge and see what price pumpkins are selling for in Door County. Photograph © 2005 James Jordan.


Blogdreamz said...

This is my favorite time of the year. In my area, New England, the trees put on a radiant show especially further up in places like VT, NH, & ME. Of course in CT too where I am.

It is close to the end of the year, as you may say the death of life. I like to think going into hibernation is a better word for it.

Lorna said...

great colours.

erm I was irritated by the price tags too. think God is saying something to us?

hibernation ... now there's a thought :)