Monday, September 12, 2005

Wind and waves

The Outer Banks are rather fragile landforms and are subject to the relentless pounding of wind and waves. Despite the constant barrage, various forms of life stubbornly wrest their subsistence from the narrow strips of land; from beach plants that put roots down several yards deep to crustaceans, birds and mammals that have adapted to the environment to humans who have built houses specifically designed to withstand the harsh climate.

I set my tripod on the beach just out of reach of some of the strongest waves one evening and took some long exposures to catch the movement of the water. I only got my feet wet once.

The breaking waves, twilight sky and a crescent moon create a peaceful backdrop for a couple walking along the beach at the end of the day.

Click on photos for enlarged views. Photos © 2005 James Jordan


melly said...

It's my first time here.
Beautiful pics.

test said...

James, nice pix. Here's a site of a Christian professor friend of mine. You might enjoy his writing.
Craig -The Devonaire Eye and
The Mobile Devonaire --

Professor's site --

James said...

Melly, thanks for the compliment. I've been privileged to be in some beautiful places and was able to fumble around just well enough to catch it on film.

Craig, thanks also ... and I checked out the site you mentioned. It's great. Going on my blogroll today!

Editor527 said...

Wow! That photo of Gooseberry Falls is incredible. You have a real knack with the camera.

Jeff said...

That top picture looks so alive. I feel like the water's really coming at me.

James said...

That's because it was really coming at me! Thanks!

Stacey said...

Stumbled by via Blog Explosion and I'm loving your pictures. Just beautiful!

Laura said...

What a gorgeous shot! I am glad I clicked on the larger version so I could see the moon. I paint a lot of moons & sunsets. I only photograph for reference photos to paint from, but it's given me great appreciation for photographers.