Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ocracoke, Hatteras brace for Ophelia

While visiting North Carolina’s Outer Banks last week, my wife and I, via the Weather Channel, kept an eye on then-Tropical Storm Ophelia as it sat off Florida’s coast. At the moment, nearly every island in the Outer Banks is under a hurricane warning as Ophelia has grown to hurricane strength and made her move north; Hatteras Island has been evacuated and visitors ordered off Ocracoke Island. High winds have begun pushing the waters of Pamlico Sound onto the islands, causing localized flooding. Details can be found here.

These photos of the lighthouse on Ocracoke Island were taken last Friday, 48 hours before the evacuation order was issued. The weather that morning gave no hint as to what was brewing a couple hundred miles to the south. We left the Outer Banks that afternoon for the two-day drive home to the Chicago area. Having seen what Katrina had done to New Orleans left us in no mood to mess with a hurricane.

Click on photos to enlarge. Photos © 2005 James Jordan.


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Ralph said...

These are lovely pictures you have there! Keep it up!

Alison said...

Beautiful pictures! My mom is a photographer and partial to lighthouses, so this one caught my attention.

I hope the Outer Banks, and the rest of the coast, withstand Ophelia. (I evacuated from near Hatteras for Hurricane Bob in the early 90s. It was a LONG drive home!)