Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Savoring the summer

This is the time of year when I notice the days getting shorter and stores promoting their back-to-school sales and I think to myself, “Where in the world did the summer go?”

I frequently find myself too busy to enjoy the simple things that summer has to offer. Unless I consciously focus on doing those things, they simply slip away into the land of lost opportunity. “Why didn’t I (fill in the blank) more often?”

This thought can also apply to the big-picture items of life. This particular summer will end with my youngest child going off to college. Where in the world did that time go?

The next few days I’ll post some photos that say, “Savor the summer.” In this one, a couple takes in the sunset at Eagle Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin.

Click on photo to enlarge. © 2005 James Jordan Posted by Picasa


Anna said...

I know how you feel. Summer is going to quickly. Go into the stores, and you already see stuff for winter.. yuk! I hate seeing that, I still want to enjoy summer.

Ghone said...

Great photo!
You've really captured that summer's evening mood.