Thursday, July 28, 2005

Savoring the summer - part 2

My wife and I passed William Clark’s house on our way to a coffee shop each morning during a summer visit to Algoma, Wisconsin. We admired the architecture and the color of the house’s front doorway.

As we passed the house one morning, we saw Mr. Clark sitting on his porch, reading a newspaper. I was struck by the sight of a distinguished-looking gentleman in front of his distinguished-looking house. I stopped, introduced myself, commented on the architecture of his home and asked if he would mind if I took some photos of him reading his paper. He didn’t object at all, and I shot several frames.

Mr. Clark shared that the house was vintage 1880s Italianate architecture, which was popular in the area at the time. He pointed out several other houses in Algoma with similar designs. He is slowly renovating the home as he has time and finances. He is a writer, a poet, a collector of antiques.

This photo depicts a man who is at one with his home, down to the tones of his clothing matching the tones of the bricks behind him. He is his home. His home is him. He is savoring his place in the world. He is savoring the summer. He is savoring his life.

Click on photo for an enlarged view. © 2005 James Jordan. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

This is a great photo, thanks for posting it, it just has great composition and the colors are wonderful. Mrs. Blogotional

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Nice door, nice protrait of the man and house!!! Mary :-)