Monday, July 11, 2005

Power down at Points of Light

My apologies, but at the present moment my home computer, with my photo editing software and all my photos from the Great Smoky Mountains, is in the possession of The Geek Squad at Best Buy. They're trying to figure out why the computer refused to boot up this morning, and hopefully will fix it with a minimum of pain.

Their standard answer when trying to ascertain any clue of when they may actually do something is "24 to 48 hours." That's just to diagnose the problem. I'm fearing it'll be another 24/48 to fix the problem. We'll see.

My first couple of photos from the Smokies can be seen below. To receive a notification when I'm fully operational again, take a minute to subscribe to this blog at the bottom of the sidebar. Your e-mail address is safe with Bloglet and me.

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