Friday, June 24, 2005

Restaurant philosophy

My wife and I passed through Ironwood, in the way up north part of Michigan. The Pines Cafe on Main Street displays its philosophy of life on its sign ... "Every day is something else."

We didn't check out the place, but this statement suggests the menu changes from day to day, just like life does for you and me. You can read "Every day is something else" in one of two ways; as a positive statement of anticipation for what the new day will bring, or as a pessimistic assessment of the circumstances surrounding you.

One person sees opportunities. The other person sees problems. I'm sure The Pines Cafe gladly serves both kinds of people.

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Christians are getting some bad press here lately. Seems that some on the other side of the faith/political spectrum embrace the negative connotation of “Every day is something else” when it comes to dealing with Christian beliefs and how they show themselves in the public sphere.

Mark D. Roberts today begins an explanation of the real agenda of the Christian right.

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