Saturday, June 25, 2005

Point of Light: Kewaunee Pier Light

Located in Kewaunee, Wisconsin, this lighthouse sits at the end of a long pier and marks the entrance to the Kewaunee River.

This particular evening started out cloudy, but I stuck around, hoping things might clear up before sunset. I set up my tripod and camera under a small tree on the shore to frame the photo with out-of-focus leaves. The clouds began to break up, and a shaft of light shone directly on the lighthouse. I had my shot.

The lighthouse was built in 1891, rebuilt in 1930 and automated in 1981. It is 45 feet tall and is identical in design to the lighthouse located in Holland, Michigan. Full operational year-round with both a main light and a fog signal.

Click on photo to enlarge. Copyright 2005 James Jordan Posted by Hello

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dom said...

what a beautiful picture,thank you for sharing :-)