Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christopher Kenosha

Chris and the flower girl

Harbor Park in Kenosha, Wisconsin is a nice place to spend a summer Saturday. Expansive open area on the shore of Lake Michigan, nearby museums, beach, lighthouses, a trolley, and weddings. Lots of weddings. The cars, limos and sometimes buses pull up, wedding parties get out and photographers start doing their thang.

This little flower girl wandered around in front of the Christopher Columbus statue and fountain in the center of the park while waiting for her turn in front of the camera. Portions of the wedding party were getting their photos taken on the other side of the fountain. As she wandered in front of the statue, I saw a nice picture about to line up and I had a camera in my hands, so what the heck.

As my wife and I strolled further, we saw a photographer working with a bride and groom. The photog just finished a series of shots of the couple with Chris's backside behind them when we heard a trolley clanging along behind us. The photographer quickly jumped into position in front of the couple, told them not to move and got a couple of shots of the b&g with the trolley passing behind them.

Good man.

Photograph © 2010 James Jordan.

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