Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth. Why not give it a day of its own?

Island in the stream

Photographing parts of the earth, I've come to appreciate its diversity, resilience and wonder. Why not give it a day of its own?

Of course, it's our attitudes and actions toward the planet on the other 364 days that really matter.

The photo above was taken in August of 2008 on a walk in the misty morning air in Dundee, Illinois. Beams of sunlight danced across the water of the Fox River. As my wife and I crossed a footbridge, I caught this image of a small tree perched on a rocky outcropping on the river. At this point, the tree was mostly dead. It has since become all dead, but for a brief moment, the sky reached down and the tree reached up and the two connected.

Enjoy your day, planet.

Photograph © 2010 James Jordan.


Stacey Dawn said...

A very meaningful image - like God reaching down and a soul reaching up.

Maria said...

No matter where a tree is planted, or how it's leaning... its branches always reach for the sun!

Carol Mattingly said...

Nice photo. Makes you appreciate the subtleties in life. Carol