Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter dance

Winter dance

In the nearby forest preserve that I frequent, I regularly pass this grouping of trees, and every time I do, I'm struck by their choreographed appearance. Leaning, turning, twisting, reaching like a dance troup frozen in time.

Usually, their limbs and branches mesh into a confusing mishmash of busyness in a photo, but a late winter snowfall helped to define the lines of the branches and really bring out the gracefulness of their forms.

Sometimes it takes the hard times to bring out the grace in us. Hopefully, others will see a defining choreography of our lives and not a chaotic scrambling when that happens.

Photograph © 2010 James Jordan.


Anonymous said...

I suppose each limb has its own route and follows faithfully to the light. It is a nice picture too.

Carol Mattingly said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Nuf said. Carol

Capricious Yogi said...

Trees are my absolute favorite part of nature. What a beautiful picture!