Monday, November 23, 2009

Autumn journey

Autumn journey

If you haven't noticed, today's image is a little different than what's usually posted here. Or is it?

The photographs I make and share with the world are not so much depictions of things -- they are depictions of the feelings created by viewing those things within a particular setting. At least that's the goal I have in mind when setting out to create pictures.

The photo above started as a contrasty, lens flare-y, moderately underexposed shot of the hillside, the tree and the hiker against the afternoon sun. I punched the contrast even further, added a background photo layer of dried field grasses (blurred beyond recognition), then added another photo layer of stone tile to add some texture.

The result is an image of a person leaving the comfort of a life that is past (note the windmill in the lower left) and beginning an arduous journey into an uncertain future that grants no promises (note the dead tree) while at the same time harboring hope that things will work out well (note the bright sunshine amid the chaos).

In many respects, this photo is a self-portrait.

Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


n8 said...

Very cool. Such a beautiful way to communicate.

Claude said...

A very evocative, poetic image.

Erik said...

Thank you for sharing this one and your perspective. I think the image and the intent are both introspective and impactful.

I love the uncertainty of the future, it is the guarantee of adventure.

Dona said...

Glad you pointed out the windmill -- I didn't see it until I looked at this image for the 4th time.