Friday, July 31, 2009

Family dynamics

Family photo sessions that include young children are simultaneously fun, chaotic, maddening, heartwarming and totally unpredictable. You start with a plan and work toward it, but in the end, you take what you get. In that regard, they’re a lot like normal family life.

This family features Aiden, a two-year-old bundle of energy who had a slightly different agenda for a morning spent in his favorite park. It didn’t include sitting for stretches of time posing for a guy with a camera. Not when there's a swingset and a pond full of ducks nearby.

These three photos, taken one after the other, offers a nice insight into family dynamics.

Morning in the park 1

Photo 1: Aiden steals the show. One-month old brother Liam is probably pondering what he has gotten himself into being born into this family.

Morning in the park 2

Photo 2: Mom and Dad admonish Aiden to sit still and smile for the funny looking man with the camera. Liam is digging the whole older-brother-in-trouble thing.

Morning in the park 3

Photo 3: The stars align. Maybe not perfectly, but pleasantly enough.

Isn’t that the essence of a family?

Photographs © 2009 James Jordan.


Maria said...

The tenderness is beautifully captured ...

JAM said...

Beautiful family, and a great job on photographing them.

These three would be nice to have printed and placed in a large/long frame to view all together as a set.

mike said...

nice work, and yes that's the essence of a family alright.