Friday, June 05, 2009

Trying to tell me something?

I was cut off in traffic the other day by a woman driving a minivan with this bumper sticker on it. Either she desires a world of impatient, pushy drivers, or she desires a world full of people who do not mind that she is an impatient pushy driver.

Or maybe she just borrowed the minivan and doesn't care much about changing anything.


mike said...

thats fuuny, i think i saw her sister today going to work

Calm Energy said...

Ha! My blog title is "Calm-Energy" and sometimes I think it came about to be a BIG reminder...
...and I laugh at myself when my behavior is the opposite,
...then say a lil' prayer ~Maria

Wanda said...

Oh Jim, Funny ~ We see it every day on the freeways in Los Angeles.

What is it with so many drivers!!