Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sticking around


Yesterday was my blogiversary. Points of Light came into existence four years ago as a way to get my photography in front of people's eyes. A lot of ground has been covered, literally and figuratively in those intervening years, and lots of eyes have stopped by to take a look. Some of you have stuck around for nearly the entire duration -- more than 1,200 posts -- you deserve some type of award.

I'm grateful for everyone who visits and leaves a comment here or there. Thanks for joining me. More to come.

Canonet Update: Last Friday, I was jazzed about getting back into film photography after a year and a half of digital shooting and was looking forward to using a gift Canon Canonet GIII QL17 to do so. I found the requisite 625A battery at a local camera shop (thanks, Kodak, for still making them) and with a little bit of finessing, got the contacts to connect. The light meter appears to be working fine. The viewfinder is clear and sharp -- some become fogged with age (but then, don't we all?).

I picked up a couple of rolls of film (those film displays in stores are much much smaller than they were a year and a half ago), popped a roll in and was ready to go, but alas! The shutter would not trip. A little digging online showed that old Canonets are prone to corrosion that freezes the shutter blades. One web site offers do-it-yourself instructions for cleaning the shutter. So at the moment, the camera sits on a work bench, its rear lens element removed and shutter blades exposed for a good cleaning with some Ronsonol. Let's hope that does the trick. I've got a roll of black and white film and a roll of slide film (that I plan to cross-process in C-41) waiting in the wings.

In the meantime, take a look at some photos taken with Canonets.

UPDATE: Ronsonol for the win! Shutter is freed up and clicking like nobody's business. I'll give it some time just to be sure it doesn't freeze up again before I reassemble the lens.

Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.

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Laurie said...

Lovely shot. Happy Blogiversary!

It's fun to dig out the old equipment once in a while. I hope you have some fun with it.