Sunday, April 26, 2009

A few days on the road

Door County road

My wife and I spent the weekend in Door County, Wisconsin. The prime objective was to deliver a number of photographs to an art gallery in Gills Rock. Eight black and white prints of Door County scenery in the twilight hours will be on display starting May 2 and will remain for the season which ends in October.

The pieces were well received. So well, that the gallery owner and I are discussing the possibility of a 5-week solo exhibition next year. I'm slowly building a photographic presence in the county. A lighthouse photo of mine runs across two pages of this year's official county visitor's guide. The same lighthouse (different photo) graces the introduction page of the city of Sturgeon Bay's promotional magazine.

The secondary objective was to add to my overall volume of Door County photos. The photo above is one of those new photographs. This is Clark Lake Road, which travels across the Door peninsula. It crests the high point of the county, passing farms and fields along either side. This is the view from the top on a cold, misty, early spring day.

In between rain showers, I was able to photograph some old buildings and cars, capturing an older, weathered side of the county.

Oh, yeah. I was able to stack a few rocks here and there.

To the sky

Photograph © 2009 James Jordan.


Wanda said...

I love your sky and rock picture.

In fact I would love to post it on my Sky Watch Friday, giving you the credit of course. Let me know if that's a possibility!!


Laurie said...

Love both images. Very nice work. I love the way the road pulls you into the first one.

James said...

Wanda, feel free to post this to Skywatch Friday. I keep meaning to post there, but haven't gotten into the habit of doing so yet.

Laurie, thanks. As I drove up the road, I kept thinking that if I stopped at the top and looked back, it might make for a nice photo if I used a long lens.

James said...

FWIW, the focus point was placed on the intersection.

Wanda said...

Thanks James... I will post it on my SWF for May 8th.

Have a great weekend. Stack some more rocks.