Monday, March 30, 2009

Where the redbud blooms


It's a sure sign of spring when the redbud is blossoming in the southern U.S. I'm so there. Really ... I am. I'm taking a spring trip in central Tennessee, visiting family and friends on the Cumberland Plateau, home of bluffs, rocks, rivers and waterfalls in abundance.

Internet access is sporadic here at best, so I'll post when I can this week. I'm posting this from a motel parking lot where I'm glomming off their wireless internet.


SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Hope you have a safe and wonderfully fun trip. Can't wait to see all your "finds!"

This is more than lovely!

nature photos said...

nice flowers

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Wanda said...

Quite stunning....lovey colores. Can almost smell them (((smile)))

Laurie said...

Very pretty. I hope you are having a nice trip.

natasha said...
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